France - Mountain rescue

  This week the telephon may ring or not at the mountain rescue head quarters of Modane. The six men of the rescue team police (CRS) are ready to act in case of an accident in the mountains. The ropes, the harness, the crab are at their disposition. An ankle, a sprain, an illness, a search for missing persons or even a death.
This is the work and the life of these men devoted to saving our lives. “Perhaps one day we will be attached to them with a harness and a rope to save our life just as we were in the womb of our mother” commented the newsreporter Christian Brincourt.
Two team alternate the work, one week the CRS (police), one week the pghm. The helicopter and the emergency medical services are an integral part of the team. In less than quarter of an hour, they can reach the most inaccessible places. The SAMU has broadened his capacity by learning the skills required to adapte to the hostilities of the mountain: crevass, vertical cliffs, altitude, ice...
Manu, CRS is also passionate about climbing outside of its work. Hervé who is in charge of the dog, does speleology which he teaches. When a call arrives, the hélicoptere sets off with the doctor, one or two of the rescue team, the mechanic for winching up the victim and the pilot. The atmosphere is really like an adventure film. The pressure is on because they have a life to save and the mountain never forgives.

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